Write Medicine

Writing Medical Case Studies: The Details Matter

March 14, 2021 Alexandra Howson PhD Season 1 Episode 4
Write Medicine
Writing Medical Case Studies: The Details Matter
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Scott Kober MBA is the Managing Partner of Excalibur Medical Education, which launched in January 2021. He has more than two decades of experience designing and developing content for CME activities and provides high-quality innovative education for today's healthcare providers. In this episode, Scott underscores the different aspects writers need to think about when developing medical content, especially if they do not have a medical or science background. Scott also shares some of his tried and true tips on how to create engaging medical pieces that are simple and easy to understand.

Key Takeaways

  1. A little bit about Scott and how he got involved in this field. 
  2. How has medical education evolved since the early 2000s? 
  3. Scott defines what adult learning looks like in healthcare and how it slightly differs in other industries. 
  4. What are some industry best practices out there where we can drive home the core message of ‘what does this all mean’? 
  5. Writers love to show people how smart they are and reference as many medical guides as possible, but that’s not helpful! 
  6. How can writers get better at creating more relevant content for their audience, especially if they don’t have a science or medical background?
  7. Scott shares some advice on how to develop a case study that’s helpful to your readers.
  8. How much style or personality can you have when writing these very educational and often serious materials?
  9. Scott’s content development process.
  10. Don’t get intimidated by the different content platforms out there. Everyone starts somewhere.
  11. People underestimate how challenging medical content is, so it’s important to educate your higher ups on what actually goes into creating these pieces. 

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 “What does it all mean? This can be challenging because we are not health care professionals, we’re not the ones seeing these patients. So we have to take our best guess and work with our faculty.”

“Make your materials interesting. No one wants to sit through the monotony of study and data. You got to figure out a way to translate the information in a way that’s going to resonate with people.”

“If you can be entertaining and still get your message across, that’s going to be the perfect way to do it. However, it doesn’t come naturally to a lot of people.”

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Introducing Scott
Changes in CME/CPD since 2000s
Adult learning defined
Tips for making impact
It's not about how smart you are
Tips of developing useful case studies
Why don't we talk more about content development?
Content writing as hidden labor