Write Medicine

Transformational Learning in Medicine and Beyond

March 24, 2021 Alexandra Howson PhD Season 1 Episode 5
Write Medicine
Transformational Learning in Medicine and Beyond
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Regina Sih-Meynier is an authentic leader with expertise in developing and executing strategic plans for Medical Affairs. She is passionate about ensuring patients receive the best available healthcare and she leverages her intuitive sense, her ability to identify problems, and her creativity to create systems and processes to solve those problems. She has over 20  years of experience in the healthcare field and understands the importance of demonstrating impact in patient care. 

Regina talks with Alex about how to create education content that supports authentic empowerment and transformational learning. 

Key Takeaways

[0:55] How did Regina get involved in medical education? Like so many of us in this field, her career path wasn’t exactly linear.

[4:20] What is authentic empowerment? 

[6:25] Regina loves to use her intuitive sense to guide her in writing highly educational and engaging patient materials. 

[7:25] Tapping into your intuition is something corporate likes to stay away from because you can’t exactly see it or touch it. However, you’re missing out on a whole superpower if you ignore it. 

[9:35] How can you tap into your intuition and really listen to your inner voice? 

[13:30] There’s a real art to developing care that is both science-based and gut-based. 

[14:15] Why does corporate like to avoid people’s intuition? 

[18:35] Glennon Doyle’s inner voice. Ideas and solutions have their own energy. Regina explains what she means by this.

[22:00] Regina shares what she’s learned from working with a life coach and how it’s given her a new way to approach and solve problems. 

[25:00] What is Regina’s company, Oh Universe, about? 

[29:25] What are some of the benefits of taking on a more authentic empowerment stance in the medical education space? 

[32:40] Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not real! We don’t always have all the answers. 

[34:25] Regina shares her morning rituals.

Connect with Regina: www.oh-universe.com, LinkedIn, Facebook
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Regina's career path
Authentic empowerment
Nudge as internal versus external stimulus
Tapping into your intuition is something corporate likes to stay away from because you can’t exactly see it or touch it.
Regina references Untamed by Glennon Doyle
The importance of instinct
Connecting art and science dots
Oh Universe
Using authentic empowerment to change continuing education
Regina shares transformational practices